Since 1985, I’ve dedicated my work to helping clients celebrate the body through intense personal training. Volleyball and football players, runners, power lifters and martial artists: each has unique needs for strength and agility, and over the years they’ve been my teachers as well as my clients.

In 1998, I added massage to the mix–but finding no commercial products that offered just the right combination of traction and glide, I began making my own. Using all-natural shea butter, grapeseed oil and arrowroot, I found the perfect medium for releasing tense muscles, with the added bonus of long-lasting hydration without oiliness.

Soon, clients started asking for a little extra “to go,” then requesting entire jars for daily use, scented with the all-natural fragrances they’d learned to love during bodywork sessions.

I invite you to try my products and variety of scents that evoke a celebration of movement and relaxation: the body in all its health and glory.

Niki Spohn
Founder + CMO